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WE RISE UP – Trailer



This inspirational film, 5 years in the making, features discussions of over 40 key individuals in the world and is uniting global leaders across industries. It is appropriate for all audiences 12 and up.  Ninety minutes in duration, this beautifully written and produced film asks the viewer, “What Do You Rise Up For?”  Rather than telling the viewer what to believe about social, environmental, world and life issues, the film offers guidelines so that YOU can determine how YOU want to “Rise Up” and make a difference.

The film is scheduled to be shown in theatres around the world over the next 5 months and then it will be shown by request in universities, high schools and, even grade schools depending on audience maturity.  Young people today are becoming aware of the global issues and becoming frustrated when they ask themselves, “What Can I Do About It?”  This film gives the power back to the individual and offers hope and support so that each of us CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

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Rural Women Movements Award 2017 in Geneva

20th Anniversary WWSF

20 years of activities by the Women’s World Summit Foundation 1991 – 2011.

English Version


20 ans d’activités par la Fondation Sommet Mondial des Femmes 1991 – 2011.

French version

19 Novembre World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse – TV Spot

19 November – World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse

English version


19 novembre – Journée Mondial pour la Prévention de la Violence envers les Enfants

French version

Story of a Prizewinner from Sri Lanka in 2008 (Prize for Women’s Creativity in Rural Life)

The Journey of Women’s Rights 1911 -2015