Support for WWSF Prize for Rural Women Programs

H.E. Mr. Blaise GODET, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Switzerland to the UN

“Switzerland is very much committed to the promotion of the rights of women, the right to education, as well as human rights education… This Prize created by the Women’s World Summit Foundation in 1994 represents an essential contribution on this path. It enables us to be aware of the real situation of half a billion women in the world and gives them an opportunity to be proud of their daily work and contribution to the wellbeing of their family and society. […]” (2007)

H.E. Mr. Li Baodong, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of China to the UN Office at Geneva

“The Women’s World Summit Foundation, an outstanding NGO with ECOSOC consultative status, has always been actively promoting the rights of women and children since its creation… My mission supports constructive participation of NGOs in the related UN activities, and in that spirit, would like to co-sponsor the above-mentioned exposition. […]” (2007)

H.E. Mr. Doru Romulus COSTEA, Ambassador and Permanent Mission of Romania to the Office of the United Nations and the International Organizations in Switzerland

“[…] I warmly support the idea of setting up the exhibition during the above-mentioned period of time. As the HRC starts a new cycle, substantive issues are going to be debated, including women’s rights. The exhibits would remind us to keep in mind the paramount role that women play

H.E. Mr. Luis Alfonso DE ALBA, Ambassador and Permanent Mission of Mexico

“[…] The Permanent Mission of Mexico fully endorses and supports the Women’ World Summit Foundation Exhibition – 331 Laureates of the Prize for women’s creativity in rural life – which will be held at the Palais des Nations during the 6th Session of the Human Rights Council. The Women’s World Summit Foundation has had an active participation in rural Mexico and on different occasions Mexican citizens and groups have been awarded with the Prize for women’s creativity in rural life. […]“ (2007)

H.E. Mr. Jean FEYDER, Ambassador and Permanent Mission of Luxembourg

“[…] The Exposition is to highlight the creativity of women in rural life. I am writing to express my full support of this initiative and I do so with pleasure and full conviction. This also responds to the needs for development and in fact rural reality and agriculture in developing countries have been neglected for too long… “. It is above women who to the lion’s work in agriculture and who suffer from insufficient efforts in rural development. It is therefore important to promote awareness of the reality and especially of rural women and their initiatives. This also contributes to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals. […]” (2007)

Thoraya Amed Obaid, UNFPA Executive Director – United Nations Population Fund

“[…] UNFPA salutes the past and present prize-winners for women’s creativity in rural life. Today, 15 October – World Rural Women’s Day – as we celebrate the achievements of rural women, let us recognize that women are the backbone of families and societies. Let us honour women as the givers of life, caretakers, resource managers and peace builders. And let us also acknowledge that despite their wisdom and skills, women are often neglected and marginalized, which holds back progress for all.” (2003)

Acting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Bertrand G. Ramcharan

“[…] The prizes you are awarding today honour women leaders and organizations for their contribution to the defence of human rights, to the creation of a culture of peace, to combating poverty and malnutrition, and to the creation of economic opportunities for rural women. […] Our human rights obligations require us to ensure that women will also be able to play a crucial role in efforts to bring about peace. […]” (2003)

Graça Machel, Fundação Para O Desenvolvimento Da Communidate, Mozambique

“[…] I salute you today, the 15 October 2003, World Rural Women’s Day which is being celebrated world wide. I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the important efforts made by the Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF) to galvanize the commemoration of this day globally. WWSF has promoted activities that give visibility to rural women and their contribution to household food security, sustainable development and peace. The use of the annual Open Letter to rural women of the world is an important instrument to educate the community at large and remind rural women of their rights. I commend the Prize awarded for women’s creativity in rural life, awarded since 1994 to so many creative and courageous community leaders who take on educating and training thousands of rural women who are the actors of local and national development and food production. Rural women need to become visible and reckoned with if governments want to eradicate poverty since 70% of the poor live in rural communities.” (2003)

James T. Morris, Executive Director of the World Food Programme WFP

“[…] WFP fully supports your activities in favour of rural women. It is with pleasure that I attach WFP’s message to be distributed on World Rural Women’s Day and to be read to the participants at the award ceremony of the Prize for women’s creativity in rural life on 15 October […]” (2002)

Angela E.V. King, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General – Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women “[…] The celebration of World Rural Women’s Day provides an opportunity to honour women who have contributed to the spirit of the Beijing Platform for Action and to remind the world how much we owe to rural women and to give credit and value their work.” (2001)

Nafis Sadik, UNFPA Executive Director and Under-Secretary-General

“[…] I applaud this initiative, and have written a message for the recipients of the Prize for women’s creativity in rural life. […]. I wish you and your colleagues much success with your valiant efforts!” (2000)

Bill Clinton – Former President of the United States – Washington

“Warm greetings to all those observing International Rural Women’s Day 1998. Today, on farms and ranches around the world, an estimated one billion women are making vital contributions to the agricultural industry. As small farmers, entrepreneurs, labourers, policymakers and scientists, women produce most of the food in developing countries and manage many of the natural resources in those countries […] Let us renew our commitment to empowering these hardworking individuals with the tools they need to build stronger families, better communities and healthier lives. Hillary joins me in extending best wishes to all for a memorable observance.” (1998)

Mary Robinson, Former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights on the occasion of World Rural Women’s Day 15 October 1997 – Geneva

“[…] It is with great pleasure that I welcome this excellent initiative to organize in Geneva the celebration of World Rural Women’s Day – I would like to convey to all those who made this event a reality my best wishes, and I salute the Women’s World Summit Foundation. This event is a timely opportunity to reflect on the situation of women in rural areas, but also an occasion to pay tribute to the laureates of the Prize for women’s creativity in rural life. […]” (1997)