Swiss White Ribbon Campaign and Youth Engage-Ruban Blanc CH

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365 Days for the Elimination of violence against women and youth

The White Ribbon initiative is one of the world’s largest campaign to end men’s violence against women and youth. It started in 1991 in Canada and is now active in close to 60 countries around the world. You find a list of all the White Ribbon partners on our website.

Violence against women and youth is a shameful reality throughout the world. Mostly men commit it. It is rooted in gender inequalities, and it still far too often goes unnoticed and unchallenged.  The White Ribbon campaigns exist to change this.

We call on all men to examine their own behaviors and change;
We call on abusers to stop abusing and killing women.

The Swiss White Ribbon initiative is convened under the auspices of the Women’s World Summit Foundation (WWSF) and promotes its programs in French and German.

It includes a YOUTH ENGAGE-Ruban Blanc section, which offers free of charge training workshops to men and women (18-30) to become a representative or White Ribbon ambassadors.

How to end gender-based violence in Switzerland?

1) Sign your pledge online or on our postcard “not to commit, condone or remain silent about violence against children and youth”
2) Use and promote our “365 Action Kit with 16 themes” to help eliminate violence against women and girls by 2030
3) To participate in training workshops to empower youth to mobilize schools, universities, businesses, clubs and institutions to become changemakers and create the Switzerland we want, free of gender-based violence.
4) Join as “moral partners” to ensure national visibility & success.

On our Swiss White Ribbon websites*, you will find reports of our annual Round Tables, Activity reports, social media alerts, training sessions, etc. in French and German. Rember that this is a Swiss national Campaign for the elimination of violence against women and youth by 2030.

Download the kits below (French and German versions 2021)

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The Kits are designed to empower men, women and youth to present the Swiss campaign for the elimination of violence against women and youth whenever they find an appropriate occasion. The Geneva White Ribbon secretariat supports civil society actors in their activities for societal change and in the organization of their initiatives Ruban Blanc.