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Board of Directors 2009/2010

Gulzar Samji, P. Ag., Canada

President of the Women's World Summit Foundation; founder and Director of the Canadian Institute for Community Development and the Environment; former member of the Canadian Tribunal for Human Rights; consultant and educator. North Vancoover, B.C.

Bunny McBride, USA

Vice-President of the Women's World Summit Foundation; Writer, Editor, Anthropoligst and Lecturer. Currently teaches in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology of Kansas State University. Also curator of an exhibition about Native American women, Abee Museum, Bar Harbor, Maine. Her research interests include biography, oral history, ethnographic writing, indigenous peoples, women's studies, wildlife conservation, tourism, Africa, North America.

Wu QING, China

People's Deputy to the Haidian People's Congress and the Beijing Municipal People's Congress; Professor of American Studies and English, Beijing Foreign Studies University; consultant to the quarterly magazine, Rural Women Knowing All; board member of the Global Fund for Women;

Filomina CHIOMA STEADY, Sierra Leone/USA

Professor of African Studies and Gender Studies; expert in environmental studies and social anthropology; former United Nations director; international consultant: Wellesley College, Massachusetts

Reema Nanavaty (India)

As General Secretary of SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association), expanded SEWA membership to 530’000 strong, making it the single largest union of informal sector workers in India; manages SEWA economic activities through a federation of 100 cooperatives, nine district associations of artisans, salt farmers and forestry workers, and a direct outlet of 12’000 artisans; currently expanding SEWA’s Trade Facilitation Centre into a global network of initiatives and individuals aimed at making women’s voices and contributions central to world trade decisions.

Elly PRADERVAND, Switzerland and Germany

Founder and Executive Director of the Women's World Summit Foundation; actively involved for the past 20 years in development education and in the elaboration of initiatives and programmes aiming the empowerment of rural women, children and NGOs and the practical application of women's and children's rights. Geneva

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