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About WWSF

Board of Directors 
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WWSF Activities include

Women's Section

  Awarding annually since 1994 the PRIZE for women's creativity in rural life to 30 or more women or women's organizations around the world (242 awards (US$ 500 each) given so far).

  Convening annually a Geneva Prize ceremony/Panel /Press conference and NGO training sessions.

  Organizing since 1997 World Rural Women's Day - 15 October, an annual global awareness campaign to increase knowledge and empowerment. On that occasion, WWSF publishes the Open Letter to Rural Women of the World.

  Organizing training sessions for creating Circles of Compassion and the "Millionth Circle".

  Participating with INGO working groups under the auspices of the Geneva UN Committee on the Status of Women (topics include: Development, Employment, Peace, the girl child, Health, Nutrition, Refugee women and Human rights).

  Participating in relevant national, regional and international conferences and linking with like-minded groups and organizations.

Children's Section

  Organizing annually since 2000 the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse - 19 November - and an international NGO coalition that marks the Day to help create a culture of prevention.

  Convening a Press conference/Panel and public manifestation marking World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse.

  Awarding four Prizes for Prevention of Child Abuse Activities to coalition members that mark the World Day for Prevention of Child Abuse with innovative activities and events.

  Organizing since 2002 the "Walk your Talk" global postcard campaign and annually honor a Head of State who accomplishes the most significant progress with a "Walk your Talk" award.

  Participating with the NGO Group for the Convention on the Rights of the Child and its thematic subgroups.


  Publishing a regular Global Newsletter "Empowering Women and Children", WWSF policy-, analysis- and educational instrument with reports on UN, NGO and WWSF activities and empowerment programs.

  Regularly updating our web site.

  Annually publishing posters, Open Letters, postcards, brochures and impact reports.


  Maintaining a database of relevant groups, NGOs, projects, and the media.

  Fundraising for programs and administrative support.

  Responding to numerous requests for information and materials.

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