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"YES to prevention of child abuse!"

Let's give hope to our children!

Order your yellow ribbon sticker and take a stand.


Invitation to place the yellow ribbon sticker on your door, computer or any visible site as a symbol of your stand for prevention of child abuse, to treat all children with respect and dignity, and to take care and protect them from abuse and potential offenders.

Launched by WWSF Women's World Summit Foundation in 2005, the yellow ribbon sticker is an illustrative tool for parents, adults and youth to remind that child abuse and violence are unacceptable and that values and standards of behavior have to be respected within families and institutions.

WWSF invites you to use the stickers in your organization and home to make every house and institution safe for children. (25 CHF / 17 € / US$ 20 for 30 copies)

By joining the campaign, you help strengthen the implementation of the right to dignity and ensure better protection of children.


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